Above: a South Street solo house in Nelson, built in the 19th century for trade workers

40% of Waiheke's residents live alone... solo persons.

However, housing design rarely considers solos, instead it offers family and couple homes.

Solo housing can be smaller, and it can be stand alone (detached) or part of a compound.

The challenge with creating affordable solo housing on a separate section comes in the land cost. It's expensive.

If it was built along the lines of the historic South Street in Nelson, then land use is minimal.

But there are alternatives as well:

  • Tiny Home: 10 m2 sleepout as part of a larger dwelling. 
  • Quad housing: Four units built around a common, shared courtyard
  • Residence housing: a private suite for one in an Oxford University style residence hall
  • Party central: A hotel-like, non-combustible, indestructible building for young singles
  • Row housing: One of the best examples is found in Prague