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We will add up how many people need a place to live, and give the total to Council, the media and other relevant institutions and people.

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We will contact you if we see opportunity to help you find an affordable place to live on Waiheke.

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As a volunteer effort, please work with us. We're just trying to preserve the diversity and character of Waiheke. We need all the help we can get.

Solo parenting is not well provided for in housing design.

Traditionally, children were raised by extended families in large houses with many relations.

The Quad House was a design that came out of a dialogue with a group of Waiheke solo mums.

  • The building consists of four blocks around a central enclosed courtyard.
  • The only access to the courtyard is from the homes.
  • Each home's ground floor has a large bifold door that fully opens onto the courtyard
  • The courtyard has a retractable awning to provide some rain and sun protection
  • Each block is privately owned in unit title
  • They felt comfortable with their living space being semi-private, but wanted the kitchen & bedroom private
  • They also felt very comfortable inviting elders to live in one of the quad blocks; surrogate grandparents

The quad house saves on land costs, but requires the Council think laterally. Technically, it consists of four dwellings on a single section. It is socially and culturally beneficial, but conceptually is closer to Kainga style living than the traditional Kiwi quarter-acre section.