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We will add up how many people need a place to live, and give the total to Council, the media and other relevant institutions and people.

We will contact you if you are offering to help, and establish a personal connection.

We will contact you if we see opportunity to help you find an affordable place to live on Waiheke.

We won't sell this list to anyone. If someone is interested, we will send you an email inviting you to make contact with them.

As a volunteer effort, please work with us. We're just trying to preserve the diversity and character of Waiheke. We need all the help we can get.

Detached cottages for couples are by design, small - this one is 6m x 12m, done in Waiheke earth brick. Two bedrooms, one bath, a large 6x6 room with open plan that combines kitchen, dining, sitting and bifold doors that open the western wall to the outdoors.

The major challenge with detached cottages in terms of affordable housing on Waiheke is the cost of land. A cottage with full kitchen is considered a separate dwelling. On Waiheke, the district plan considered multiple dwellings to be anathema. The major obstacle are the Council's rules and the expensive process to secure a resource consent.