Waiheke needs affordable housing now





Waiheke is at risk of losing its character due to unaffordability of housing.

  • People who have lived for decades find they are given lease terminations regularly, having to find and move annually.
  • Employers first question to job applicants is do you have a place to live?
  • Waiheke has the highest one-person households in NZ, at 32.5%, where many would prefer to live in clusters but have their own small home, with their own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom… some to own, others to securely lease, knowing they will not be tossed out or priced out.

This web page is set up to identify those people, so the Council can hear that this is a matter of urgency, and perhaps the largest crisis facing Waiheke today.

In addition, there are people who are set, but don’t want to see Waiheke lose its character. Some have land. Some have money. Some have talent. This web page is set up to identify them as well.

If you wish to learn more, use the Contact Button and let’s talk on the phone or have a cuppa.


This is a collective effort that has emerged out of community meetings. To get involved... 

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How your details will be used:

We will add up how many people need a place to live, and give the total to Council, the media and other relevant institutions and people.

We will contact you if you are offering to help, and establish a personal connection.

We will contact you if we see opportunity to help you find an affordable place to live on Waiheke.

We won't sell this list to anyone. If someone is interested, we will send you an email inviting you to make contact with them.

As a volunteer effort, please work with us. We're just trying to preserve the diversity and character of Waiheke. We need all the help we can get.